Frequently Asked Questions!

These are some frequently asked questions about the con!
Please READ THEM before contacting any of the staff or sending an email!
Thanks! :D

Q: When is the con happening?

A: RAMCon 2.0 is scheduled October 23-24!

Q: How can I apply to be a vendor/Panelist?

A: Vendor Applications are available on the "Vendor Hall" tab! Panelist Applications may be found under the "Event Schedule" tab! On each page is a button that you can click to be taken to the application form- we also announced these forms directly on Twitter and Discord!

Q: How do I attend the con?

A: The con is held via a dedicated discord server- where all main events/vendors are hosted! Be sure to check the HOME page to find links to the server!

Q: Is the con free?

A: General attendance is absolutely free! However- if you would like to support our con, we also have supporter attendee badges and a merch shop! Supporting us means we can hold more events in the future, and keep the con free for everyone!

Q: Can I make Fan art/merch of the Mascots?

A: Fanart- absolutely- and be sure to share it with us! However, RAMCon is not currently accepting any outside merch involving the mascots or the logo. Individual items or personal use stuff is okay though :)

Q: Can I make a FURSUIT of the mascots?

A: In regards to fursuits made for personal use, we unfortunately have to decline. HOWEVER, if you are a fursuit maker who is looking to grow your business, feel free to apply to the vendor hall.

Q: When does the con start?

A: As an online convention, all events are scheduled on East Coast US (GMT-4:00) time. All events listed on the Schedule are on EST- you can convert your times here if needed (Set to New York for EST)

Q: How do I become a community guest?

A: Like Vendors and Panelists- Community Guest applications are announced in our Discord Server and Twitter! We're currently accepting nominations for community guests, so if there's someone you'd like to see there- be sure to fill out the form!
Our general criteria for a community guest includes someone who is:
-Active in their respective community
-Is an active content creator, whether it be videos, art, streams or otherwise
-Has a good standing with their audience
-Has something they want to share with the RAMCon community!