These are some of the most frequently asked questions about RAMCon. Please be sure to read them before contacting us - thanks!

Q: When is the next con happening?
A: RAMCon V4 is scheduled July 9-10th, 2022!

Q: How can I apply to be a vendor/panelist/event host?

A: Applications can be found on the "Apply to Join" page - we also announce the forms opening in our Discord server and on our Twitter.

Q: How do I attend the con?

A: RAMCon is hosted via our Discord server. The server acts as the virtual convention grounds (including where our virtual vendor hall is hosted), while panels and other events are hosted on streaming platforms like Twitch.

Q: Is the con free?

A: Yes! General attendance to the con is absolutely free! However - if you'd like to support our con, we also have VIP Supporter roles and additional perks for our Patrons, and purchasing badges/merch help us continue to keep the con free for all.

Q: How old do I have to be to attend RAMCon?

A: In accordance with Discord's user policy, all users in the server must be 13 years or older to attend. No users under the age of 13 are allowed on con grounds. We advise all users under the age of 18 to exercise caution and keep DMs closed for the duration of the con.

Q: Can I make a fursuit of the mascots?

A: In regards to fursuits made for personal use, we sadly have to say no. However, if you are a fursuit maker who is looking to grow your business, feel free to apply to the vendor hall!

Q: When does the con start?

A: As an online-only convention, all events are scheduled on East Coast US (GMT-:400) time. If you are in a different timezone, you can use this tool to calculate what time the panel will be in your timezone (Set to New York for EST) -

Q: How do I become a Community Guest?

A: Like Vendors, Panelists, and Event Hosts - Community Guest applications are announced in our Discord Server and Twitter. We're currently accepting nominations for Community Guests, be sure to fill out the form on the "Apply to Join"  page!

Q: Can I make fan art/merch of the mascots?

A: Fan art - absolutely! And be sure to share it with us! However, RAMCon is not currently accepting any outside merch involving the mascots or the logo. Individual items or personal use stuff is okay though (for example if someone commissions their characters with the mascots for a one-off pic, that's okay!)