Why Support RAMCon?

RAMCon's policy is to put our artists, attendees, and content creators first. We strive to create an environment that is easily accessible for people around the globe - and as such we aim to keep attendance free for all.

However, even running an online convention comes with expenses. Everything from paying for our website, fronting the cost of badges, and ensuring our lovely artists are well compensated are all funded by the support of attendees.

By supporting RAMCon, you not only help us keep the lights on but you also allow us continue to support artists directly. Every purchased t-shirt, badge, Patreon pledge or stream donation is fed right back into keeping the con going and to pay our artists on staff.

Even if you can't support monetarily, attending and sharing our con helps more than you'd think.

Thank you for helping us continue to do what we love <3

- The RAMCon Staff



RAMCon's Patrons get access to text channels that are open year-round, behind-the-scenes updates, and complimentary seasonal merch (when available).

Supporting on Patreon helps us continue to innovate the con and bring new features to advance the experience! 

RAMCon's merchandise is made by our lovely artists on staff!

Every piece of merch purchased goes back to supporting our artists and helps keep the con running.

Many designs are Event-Exclusive, so be sure to nab them before they're gone!

RAMCon's main events are hosted via stream - so if you want to keep up with out of season events, streams, and charity events, be sure to follow us on Twitch!

Stream donations go directly into supporting the con financially, and are a great alternative to Patreon if you can only donate once.

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A special thanks to our Patrons for supporting us in 2021!


2021 VIP LIST:


Dual Thrones

Ghost Fox

If you'd like to join them AND get access to our exclusive winter-themed merch by Spunky Racoon, be sure to join at: patreon.com/ramcon

Thank you for helping us do what we do best <3

- The RAMCon Staff

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Badges are now available for Pre-Order Only!

Badges are $10 plus Shipping & Handling

Order Form Here

Those who order a badge will receive a complimentary sticker as thanks for their order!

Form closes March 25th, 2022.

Badges will not be available for standard orders. We apologize for any inconvenience.