Safety Policies and terms of service

SECTIon A: Safety and Posting

1) Usernames
For safety purposes, Attendees will NOT have the ability to change their name. This is non-negotiable. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
2) Icons/Emotes No NSFW Usernames/Icons.
Users found with these will be banned from convention grounds.
3) Practice Online Safety Do NOT post personal information, such as emails, phone numbers, home addresses- etc. Do NOT post images of yourself, family members or minors!
The RAMCon server is STRICTLY Safe For Work. Absolutely NO pornographic, violent, or drug-related content.
5) No Users under 13
In accordance with Discord's safety policy- users under the age of 13 may not participate in channels and will be removed from server grounds. This is non-negotiable.
6) Be Respectful to the Staff
It should go without saying- but please be respectful to the Staff. Anyone with the @Con Staff or @Volunteers role should be regarded accordingly. Any snide comments or otherwise rude behavior towards staff members will result in penalty.

Section B: Server Conduct

Be kind and considerate of your fellow con-goer. Any bullying, harassment/threats, trolling, spam, and personal attacks are prohibited. Attacks on ones person or groups of people due to age, race, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, religion, or disability are strictly prohibited. If someone asks you to stop, please stop. If you are being harassed, please contact @Volunteers ASAP or message us in #questions-for-staff.
2) No Politics or Drama
RAMCon is a fun event. Please leave drama and political talk at the front door.
3) No Spying, Trapping or Screencapping
No screencapping conversations, spying or "trapping" conversations for the purposes of drama.
4) Pinging/DMs
Do NOT Ping/Friend Request/Direct Message Panelists, Community Guests, Vendors or Staff without permission. Please check a user's roles to see if their DMs are Open or Closed before DMing. All questions for vendors should be directed to the #questions-for-vendors channel. RAMCon has a zero-tolerance policy for users using our platform to get to our Community Guests or Staff Members.
5) Mini Modding
Do NOT take matters into your own hands. If you see an issue, please ping @Volunteers. Please stay out of areas like #questions-for-staff if you do not have a question yourself. Users found "mini-modding" will be removed from the premises.
6) No Outside Advertisements/Links Users may not post any of the following to server channels:
-Links to Charities, Streams, Events or Discord Servers
-Links to Online Stores, Commission Openings or Sales (with exception of Vendors)
-Links to Personal Works, such as Art, Videos or Social Medias
7) Absolutely NO SPAM Users may not post spam, links that violate intellectual property, or media that breaks the law.

SECTIon C: Contact and inquiry

Should you have any questions- please contact us by the official contact widget on the "Home" Page or via the official Twitter DMs. Those in the Discord server may also use the #questions-for-staff channel listed under the information booth.
In the event that you have a Security/Safety issue that cannot be discussed publically, please ping @Con Staff in #questions-for-staff requesting to PM the nearest staff member. Please specify that it is a Safety/Security issue in your message. You may also notify us via the Twitter or Contact Page.
In the event you have a Server Related issue that isn't a question and you can't contact us by the Twitter/Website- please ping @Con Staff in #questions-for-staff and notify the staff of the issue.
Under no circumstances are users allowed to use our platform to get ahold of or contact our Community Guests, Vendors, Panelists, or those holding Live Events. Users found using our platform to pester/spam anyone will be blacklisted from premises and will not be allowed to return.
This is the list of Staff/Administratos of the server.
FluffDragonArt -
Head of Volunteers & Head of Security Head of Volunteers- No PMs Outside of Business Please
Spirit Productions - PR Manager, Community Guest Coordinator & Head of IT/Server Management PR Manager in charge of answering questions in #questions-for-staff, No PMs unless business-related or it's an emergency. Vendors and Community Guests may ping them in their respective rooms for help.
Spring Heart - Event Coordinator & Vendor Hall Coordinator Event Coordinator in charge of Panels/Announcements. In the event you have a form submission/change please PM. No Friend Requests please.

Section D: Server Conduct

In order to keep the convention friendly to all- we've created additional roles. These include statuses for Direct Messages (DMs/PMs) as well as optional pronoun roles.
General Policies Regarding Roles
-If someone doesn't have a DM status, assume that their DMs are closed. -All users under 18 are strongly advised to keep their DMs closed for their safety. RAMCon is not responsible for anything that happens outside con grounds, but we do want to make sure you all stay safe.
-Unfortunately we will not be adding any additional pronoun roles outside of the current set. We're sorry for any inconvenience.


RAMCon has the right to remove any users who may breach safety policies or server conduct. Chat logs may be screencapped for the purposes of user safety.
Failure to abide by rules listed above will result in immediate removal from the server as well as permanent blacklisting from future events.
Any user caught mini-modding, spreading false information or spam will be immediately removed from grounds.
RAMCon has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying/harassment as well as attacks on persons for any reason.
RAMCon has a zero-tolerance policy for any pedophilia, zoophilia, Nazis, racist, and predatory behavior. Users caught exhibiting these behaviors on site or using our platform to do so will be immediately removed from grounds- no questions asked.
We advise all users who are under the age of 18 to CLOSE their DMs and maintain vigil against any attackers or predatory behavior. Report any suspicious or creepy behavior to staff immediately, and block any users who many be exhibiting such traits.
Users caught stealing art, impersonating others/content creators or attempting to bypass server regulations will be immediately removed from premises.